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Ep. 122: Repentance, Confession, & Using the Gospel As Law

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Episode Summary

JR's comment on last week's show about repenting just not being adequate sparks a conversation and the inadequacy of fixing problems through just vaguely confession and using the Gospel as a sanctimonious Jesus Juke. We also (still?) are struggling with a kid's sleep habits and Molly talks about Bacon Fig Jam.

Episode Notes

1:48: Ski Patrol training and tree wells 6:07: Mixing shows and Star Wars 7:20: Bacon fig jam 9:30: Bible Project’s Introductory to the Psalms 12:00: More struggles with our daughter 16:01: Repentance and specificity 19:48: There is truth in confessing more but… 22:30: Depression and confession [

] 25:50: Using the gospel as law and Jesus Juking 28:03: What you must do to experience fulfillment 30:54: Lecturing kids and the law 33:41: Why does James call the NT law perfect but then calls it Liberty 35:23: The importance of leaning in to God’s perfect law as people who chafe against rules 37:06: Start with the question of who God is 37:43: Practical examples for the kids 41:54: You’re going to feel like a slave 43:30: History of the Christmas Hymn: Joy To The World 48:52: Show Close

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