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Ep. 123: Predestination, Prayer & Really Good Beef

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Episode Summary

Naturally good steak leads to a discussion about God's predestination and the tension with prayer. Or, at least that's where this episode goes. Molly shares a few episodes along with insights into current topics being discussed around the house at the moment.

Episode Notes

2:00: Last minute elk opportunities. 3:34: Schatzker, The End of Craving, and The Model Health Show. 5:28: Molly giggles every time she fills her car with gas. 6:40: End of a Model Health podcast with Schatzker, the Dorito effect and tricking your tastebuds. 9:06: Mark Schatzker’s “Steak” recap so far. 14:10: Steakbites recipe. 16:37: Cows, feedlots, and finishing beef 🥩 22:39: Predestination and does it matter. 24:37: The origins of Methodists. 26:37: George Whitfield’s approach. 28:07: Being humble enough to recognize we’re on the same team but have deep theological differences. 32:24: Back to why predestination matters. 33:54: Suffering as the result of our sinful choices. 37:47: The ultimate point is comfort. 39:14: It all falls down if God is not totally in control. 40:41: Abimelech appealing to God and changing His mind. 42:51: Paul: better to live or die and be with Christ? 44:00 Paul’s deliverance and holding the tension of prayer and God’s omnipotence. Too Busy to Flush Telegram Group Get $10 in Bitcoin! (Gemini App) Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website)

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