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Ep. 108: A Homeschooler Goes to Class, Lament, & Cast Iron

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Episode Summary

We have to move the show record to later in the week due to scheduling this school season. So we mention that, talk about a homeschooled kid's first classroom experience, American Girl books on puberty, and MORE praying mantis info. Molly then dives into a deeper look at lament and how to counter that through community support using judo break fall analogies. We then talk discuss a convo about cast iron skillets on Telegram.

Episode Notes

Andy Gullahorn You're Only Human: How Your Limits Reflect God's Design and Why That's Good News - Kelly M. Kapic (B&N) Canavox Too Busy to Flush Telegram Group Get $10 in Bitcoin! (Gemini App) Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website)

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