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Ep. 113: About Last Night...& Joy in Life

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Episode Summary

Last night we attended a Young Life banquet which provides a lot of fodder for the first part of the show: God talking to kids in a pet store, our really unique, post-literate society, & making accommodation for transgender people. We then spend time building on a conversation started in our Telegram group on enjoying life and having no healing without thanksgiving.

Episode Notes

Trial and Triump: Stories from Church History, Richard M. Hannula (Amazon) Then Sings My Soul: 150 of the World's Greatest Hymn Stories, Robert J. Morgan (Amazon) Now Thank We All Are God - Reawaken Hymns (YouTube) Psalm 42 (I Will Praise Him Again) - CityAlight (YouTube) Canavox Too Busy to Flush Telegram Group Get $10 in Bitcoin! (Gemini App) Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website)

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