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Ep. 116: Does it Taste Good, or is it Good For You? Both And.

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Episode Summary

New Show Notes with timestamps! Let us know if you like it. See below. In this episode, we do a deep dive/follow up on Molly's previous thoughts about Peter's vision, clean vs. unclean and it's massive ramifications on holiness and hospitality.

Episode Notes

3:20: Quiz: What percentage of the world’s animals do you think are invertebrates? Why do we think this number is lower than it is? 8:59 The Founding of Georgia, colonies and charters and founding of states 15:15: Hunting inspires thoughts on OT eating laws, Peter’s vision and what the sheet represented 20:16: Holiness and Cleanness, God’s ethics and the physical manifestation of Holiness, Rachel steals idols. 22:12: Jesus undoes the uncleanness, He defines holiness and spread them to others 23:16: Article discussion: “You Are What (Animal) You Eat"(The Gospel Coalition) Deeper reasons for the dietary laws 26:18: Gen 1 classification of animals follows 30:56: Feet are a sign of creaturelyness- animals something with a split hoof are designed to live closer to man- some were created domesticated and others over time. 32:17: Clean and unclean prior to Mosaic law, not a return to Eden, but an advance on Eden 33:39: The more domesticated they are, the cleaner they are - 3 circles like the tabernacle and the categories of animals 36:53: You are with whom you eat, that’s the thing with Peter 38:30: JR’s thoughts on hospitality and bringing people to your table- Jesus’ change opened the door to having unbelievers at your table. 39:58: What does this have to do with The Supper of the Lamb? Molly has an answer! 41:25: Does it taste good or is it good for you? EPIC QUOTE 44:47: James K.A. Smith, You Are What You Love makes an impact on Molly about how churches are designed 45:48: Everything in our world is teaching us and showing us who God is and how to operate in this world 48:17: The core of what we believe and building on it 49:13 Some Telegram comments about the physicality of who we are, resistant starches and sourdough Too Busy to Flush Telegram Group Get $10 in Bitcoin! (Gemini App) Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website)

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