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Ep. 119: Human vs. Animal & The Desecration of The Imago Dei

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Episode Summary

JR starts talking about their rabbit trying to hump the cats which leads us into a deep dive on the uniqueness of humanity over animals, the desecration of the image of God and some delicious marshmallows and savory popcorn because, well, we roll heavy and light just like that.

Episode Notes

2:06: Homemade marshmallows. Molly talks about current life madness, marshmallow making (blog link) 7:54: Cats wants to eat the rabbit, rabbit wants to hump the cats 12:17: The lion shall lie down with the lamb. The cat shall lie down with the bunny. What did cats before the fall? 15:50: Dogs don’t have a soul, humans are special and conveying that to kids 18:56: Extreme life-saving measures with pets and Our friend’s convo with kids about the violent death of an animal 22:54: Our cultural value on animals vs. humans 25:29: The abolition of man, winsomeness, Carl Trueman and David French, respect for marriage act 31:46: Living in a culture that values animals more than man and fundamentally devaluing of the image of God 32:47: Brian Godawa and the desecration of the image of God 35:19: Cats, wolves, delighting in destruction and Jesus warns about wolves infiltrating hthe flock- their only purpose is to destroy 38:27: Balenciaga ad campaign (, delight in ruining the image of God 46:32: Encouragement in the difficult hardness- you don’t need to do it all in order to see God’s goodness 52:27: Savory popcorn for Christmas parties

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