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Ep. 145: Generational Differences, Not Fitting In, & Waiting on God

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Episode Summary

It's another late one where we dive into thoughts around a text highlighting generational differences with technology, this leads to wondering if we'll ever fit in at our church as Molly reflects on some music by Sandra McCracken. We close those with discussion around anxiety, waiting on God and philosophical work on Science and Intelligent Design. Lots of goodies linked in the show notes!

Episode Notes

Show Open: Lili’s birthday, bear rugs, failed birthday present orders. 07:53: Is asking for devices to be left at home or in a car a sign of disrespect to millennials? Generational differences with technology. 14:43 : Are we ever going to fit into the culture at our church? Parasites and disregulated nervous system. 19:00: Sandra McCracken’s “Abiding City.” Constant death and the persistent breaking down of life and being a sinful monster. 26:01: Walker Family Goods…wearing trending bags and interesting realities for brands. 28:35: Sandra McCraken’s “Patient Kingdom”, Derek Webb’s deconstruction. Is that a Gen X thing? Is Gen X obsessed with their past? 35:30: Molly’s bow on “Patient Kingdom.” 37:04: We’d rather have an outright “no” then a “wait” from God. 40:53: Molly’s disregulated nervous system, anxiety and neuroplasticity. 48:35: Triggers, Atomic Habits and counter-acting the anxiety. 52:03: Rogan and Stephen C. Meyer, The Return of the God Hypothesis and Why Christians Need Philosophy. 1:00:43: Show Close "Abiding City" music Too Busy to Flush Telegram Group Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website)

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