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Ep. 146: Taylor Swift, Leech Guy, & Kids' Cultural Engagement

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Episode Summary

Christians went all "Leech on the Beach Guy" with the TGC article on Taylor Swift! We have thoughts. imagine that. However, our thoughts lead to a discussion about idolatry, cultural engagement and training our kids so they don't end up hating Christianity (we hope). Molly also shares some thoughts and resources she's found about manliness (speaking of culture). Join for a Saturday morning cup of coffee!

Episode Notes

Show Open 3:00: The Gospel Coalition, Taylor Swift, and a stretch at best, idolatry at worst. 16:14: “Reformed Mum” and convening coven’s on stage, other writers’ opinions 21:35: Nate Burnham’s “Firebird” 23:23: One thing Molly likes about Dude Perfect and they have a trustworthy app. 26:23: JR’s closing thoughts and “Echoes of Eden” 29:08: Natasha Crain, (Ep: 32), living counter-culturally and raising kids who don’t resent Christianity 32:22: Leech on the Beach Guy, and being so right about something so bad. 36:11: Engaging kids about culture without ruining a thing 37:34: Raising Conservatives Kids in a Woke City- Katy Faust 40:03: Not in charge of saving our kids’ souls 43:07: Contentious cultural issues: Halloween and Yoga; gateways for demon-entry and participating in Satanic ritual. 47:16: Christians unintentionally participating in demonic activities. 52:44: Reading Revelation with a good commentary or study guide like “The Return of The King” 55:39: Discipline of mind, focus and making good decisions. 58:34: Focus on adding good things, not removing bad things 1:00:39: Are we making shallow substitutes or genuinely enjoying a good life? 1:02:32: Distilling down the essence of manhood and manliness. Why Dad’s should wrestle with their kids. Manhood is achieved, Womanhood is inherent. 1:07:55: Molly’s online group on the essence of masculinity and femininity 1:11:49: Show Close Too Busy to Flush Telegram Group Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website)

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