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Ep. 147: Dentists, Israel and the Church, & Rethinking Taylor Swift

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Episode Summary

Kids are expensive as the last dental trip has shown, yet there's great value in a good dentist from multiple angles. Wars are terrible. Against our better judgment, we spend a few minutes expressing thoughts on the conflict in Israel including replacement theology, dispensationalism and sensationalism before following up with some thoughts on last week's Taylor Swift episode. Molly also made some good muffins. So some great links, recipes and deals in the show notes.

Episode Notes

Show Open 3:00: Lots of money spent on dental, reactive vs proactive dentistry, root canals, jaw alignment, long term problems. 11:59: Body talk basics and talking to your kids about health and puberty. 13:23 The stakes are incredibly high for ignoring joy in our sexed bodies and a sale code! 17:28: Molly’s online Canavox group on masculinity (philosophical and natural law). 20:30: Douglas Murray is an interesting character. The War on The West and his Joe Rogan conversation. 23:05: Ponderings on Israel and Palestine, Zionism and Biblical Prophecy 28:55: The kids thumbed up The Tuttle Twins. 29:43 Let’s be real clear about who the Church is, what the church is and what our call is. 32:19: Replacement theology, and a proper Biblical image from Romans. 38:45: Differences between dispensationalism vs. covenantal theology. 41:25: Molly’s experience growing up was different than JR’s. 43:08: Humans want to know and control and it’s so bad for us. 47:06: Rethinking Taylor Swift, the power of music on the soul. 52:57: Molly made some really good muffins, we get distracted… 55:04: …back to Morning Glory Muffins. 58:35: Ear protection for your grain mill, guns, and garden work. 1:01:52: Show Close Too Busy to Flush Telegram Group Send us a Postcard Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website) Molly's Favorite Milk Brother (new version)

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