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Ep. 148: Determination, Discouragement, & Doomscrolling

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Episode Summary

Over the last week we went hunting and to a volleyball game and the kids experienced varieties of determination that spark a few questions like, "why doesn't the other team just give up?" This naturally leads to moments where we're discouraged specifically contrasted by a sermon on Zechariah and a comment by a popular homeschool guru. As usual we have recipes and rabbit trails along the way.

Episode Notes

Show Open 1:10: Winter is here and with it comes prep. 4:10: Character qualities of hunters and athletes, getting butts kicked by those better than us 11:45: Way off-topic volleyball rule changes 13:19: “I don’t know why the other team doesn’t just give up” 14:43: Titus leans some character building at the range and elk camp. 23:03: Instant Pot Pumpkin Chili 24:21: Zechariah and requiring the same evidence as non-believer. 28:09: Reasons we’re discouraged and despising the day of small things. 31:40: Don’t move into the scintillating and despise the little ways God is working. 34:22: “Doomscrolling” 34:55: Dismantling Christian worldview, The Brave Learner and the contrast between Zech’s 5th Vision and Julie’s giving into feelings. 38:59: Coming out of the enlightenment and unstoppable human progress and the human heart remains unchanged. 43:20: This is what God does, you end up like Nebuchadnezzar. 43:56: A godless view of the world leads to a special kind of discouragement. 45:18: Missions wax museum was cancelled and Tim Challies’ “Epic” documentary series on church history. 59:54: Canavox online 1:03:19: Show Close Too Busy to Flush Telegram Group Send us a Postcard Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website) Molly's Favorite Milk Brother (new version)

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