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Ep. 149: The Joy of Experience & No Sad Funerals

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Episode Summary

After another unintentional week off (how do this daily podcasts do it?) we start the show with a recap from our judo tournament and our kids doing hard things and the joy of experience. Molly has some commentary of Camille Paglia and a conversation with the girls about funerals. We also share some new recipes and our general chaotic family life.

Episode Notes

3:40: Birthdays, growing kids, and judo tournament recap. 10:54: Not seeing things in your kids and marveling at the joy of experience and gifting. 18:XX: Excelling at craftsmanship. 21:XX: Camille Paglia and there are no female Mozart’s or female Jack the Rippers. 23:30: Driving your kids to do the thing and being a person that finishes things. 27:19: A super-interesting conversation with the kids about choosing songs for funerals. 29:30: There are no sad hymns at Christian funerals. 39:40: A huge hymn at a Lutheran church we’ll never forget but don’t remember anything about. 43:04: Sausage bites are so good. Molly’s two cooking fails. 48:15: Applesauce based BBQ sauce. 52:00: Molly’s third fail…oops - JR 😅 55:00: The kids have their own rooms! 58:16: Sourdough cinnamon twists. Too Busy to Flush Telegram Group Send us a Postcard Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website) Molly's Favorite Milk Brother (new version)

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