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Ep. 152: Being "Winsome," Limited, & Living By Design

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Episode Summary

We return to self-care since it seems to be such a huge topic. Along the way we hit being created with limitations and if there's any Biblical mandate to being "winsome" or nice in culture.

Episode Notes

4:12: “Winsome,” Doug Wilson, Kevin DeYoung and engaging culture. 7:32: GK Chesterton on war. 8:28: Our huge Christmas tree might fall over. 13:36: Titus’ hunting success! 17:46: Why Molly is stressed about the tree. 19:35: Back to winsomeness and getting back to Biblical language. 21:27: “Self-care” last week brought the noise! 22:55: Men vs. Women, recreational habits and the necessity of moms in the first three years and psychological and emotional ties to children. 28:39: The lot the good Lord has placed us in regards to self-care. 39:36: Can we reframe the conversation around self-care in a Biblical understanding. 30:54: Kelly Kapic, You’re Only Human 31:38: JR blame shifts and Molly shuts him down. 33:10: We were created with limitations that are a feature, not a bug. 37:00: What will be true of us in the new heavens and new earth? 37:43: “Self-care” is not in the Bible but living according to design is. 40:00: Applications to Transhumanism and technological development. 43:03: We are not our own but bought with a price and called to honor at the expense of ourselves.* 44:03: Holding it all in tension. 45:09: Molly’s Red Light Therapy purchase. 46:39: Molly’s diagnostic on Biblical vs. sinful “self-care.” 50:50: Roping your kids into what you love. 54:08: Self-care for women is usually expensive. 57:15: Video games, salad and Christmas stuff. 58:53: Show Close Too Busy to Flush Telegram Group Send us a Postcard Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website) Molly's Favorite Milk Brother (new version)

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