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Ep. 154: Broadway, Biology, & Being

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Episode Summary

Recording from the (personal) library! Molly takes the kids to a symphony rehearsal which leads to an entire discussion about gender, what makes us whole and the challenge of explaining why Christian Christmas songs give hope of life's struggles and the human condition. No recipes this time though. Of course, we still have some various life updates. No explicit language but some subject matter may be unsuitable of your kids

Episode Notes

Intro: Telegram, pre-Christmas madness, crazy warm weather, parents of a teenager.

6:45 A symphony trip for the kids.. are

9:06: Hope…or lack thereof from Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.

12:31: The contrast of cheer and family and depressing Christmases.

14:40: Meaningful secular Christmas lyrics, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was written by a victim of bullying.

16:34: Inspiration for Christmas songs from non-Christians.

18:12: Christian Christmas songs address the human condition.

19:43: Difficulty in sharing Christian Christmas songs’ source of hope.

25:16: We “muddle through” with our ever present help in trouble.

22:06: Even we have to wait until we’re dead, in light of eternity, suffering has an end date.

24:50: Gender-bending on Broadway.

28:48: Transgender singing issue.

32:20: Transgender needs for pharmaceuticals, and medical intervention ramifications.

36:00: A podcast Molly listened to about an a Catholic convert from feminisim out of the “Eldridge Era” and wha it means to be a woman.

39:21: What makes a woman? Or a man?

43:07: Gender as a complimentary component in the world.

47:03: Genitalia is a physical manifestation of an entire being’s orientation.

49:25: Contingent Monism and you are not you without…

54:21: How this all relates to children and parenting.

56:30: Show Close

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