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Ep. 156: Parenting: Relational Warmth and Quantity, Not Quality Time

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Episode Summary

Anthony Bradley posted a couple of threads about fatherhood, relational warmth and the need to change the Church's approach. It caused a bit of a stir on our Telegram group and Molly I felt it was really worth talking about. It's laser-focused on parenting and the fact that quality time does not trump quantity of time with your kids. Naturally we discuss it all with humor and connection that only comes from 15 years of marriage.

Episode Notes

Intro: New studio, JR’s a bit distracted by some new gear.

6:03: Things got spicy on Telegram this week, Anthony Bradley Threads on fatherhood.

10:40: God is relational warm to us as well as a law-giver and a teacher.

12:48: Relational warmth has to do with quantity of time.

13:13: Quality does not equate to quantity time as a parents.

16:13: A cascade of kids with a huge amount of mental health problems and moms not being present.

17:50: Maternity leave is shockingly short.

20:27: Every time you’re away from the kids damage is done, being happier outside the home.

21:02: Quantity time is quality time

21:30: Mother’s need to be primary care givers for their babies. Oxytocin is a bonding agent between parent and child (and spouses).

23:43: If dad is primary care-giver or have two dads, this risk for over-stimulation is incredibly high and against his nature.

24:35: Considerations on men who work crazy amounts of hours or are deployed and repairing the wound.

26:08: Bradley’s second Threads and masculinity and the church.

29:44: Scriptural and creational considerations on conveying masculine messages to boys.

31:06: Who is Andrew Tate?

33:38: Jordan Peterson might more dangerous.

38:12: Slaying dragons and JR had to delete Call of Duty Mobile.

40:25: What you choose to wear is deliberately communicates somethings.

44:40: We’re communicating that we’re really cold.

46:45: Molly took a couple kids to a Lewis & Clark expo, and Plains Indians hand talk.

49:10: There is something very distinct between men and women at the creational level.

52:19: Encourage father to do a church activity or spend time at home with the kids?

54:24: A very difficult discussion to have as a friend, wife, pastor.

56:04: Molly vents to a friend about JR….in a healthy way.

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