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Ep. 159: Marriage Metrics, Mandie Books, & WW1

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Episode Summary

All the kids were sick last week which really threw us while unseasonably warm weather has us pondering bees, gardens and regenerative ecosystems. Molly also started a study on WW1 with the kids which leads us to discussion amillennalism, and depressing human evil. Of course, we temper that discussion with baked bread, good reads and poppy seeds. Take a listen!

Episode Notes

Intro: More dogs, sick kids, and another chicken down.

10:08: Growing your own loofahs.

14:47: Other new garden plans, update on bees.

23:05: Having an ecosystem on our property and thoughts on regenerative farming.

27:30: Molly’s brain is mush, a WW1 study with the kids and book reviews on the topics, They Shall Not Grow Old.

30:08: Why we have poppies on Veteran’s Day, In Flander’s Fields

32:37: Molly found some new, great bread baking forms Ebay forms.

37:56: Who’s still reading the Mandie books?

45:05: Every metric for a man’s quality of life goes up if he’s married…including his weight.

51:07: Theology of human depravity and God’s sovereignty.

54:24: Anything is possible with evil humanity but ultimately will not survive.

55:01 Gaining a degree of clarity on the end times with Wayne Grudem’s Christian Beliefs.

57:03: Amillennialists were very shaken by WW1.

1:01:30: Molly’s new podcast chair

1:03:00: Show Close

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