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Ep. 162: Mayonnaise, AI Worship Music, & Hookup Culture Cats

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Episode Summary

his week we dive right in with some fascinating history on the roarin' 20's and the history of Caesar Salad before launching to discussions that happened on Telegram before moving into AI and worship music. Molly her usual theological insight to human achievement and sexuality when we close the show about kits, live kills in the house and hookup culture metaphors. Naturally, we include at least one recipe but it's a family-originate done so you'll have to listen to find out!

Episode Notes

Intro: Kid’s favorite salmon recipe, homemade mayonnaise, seed oils.

9:38: Explaining the stock market to a kid.

12:16: The Roarin’ 20’s, prohibition and the creation of finger food.

14:54: The origin of the Caesar Salad.

17:48: Telegram discussions, global warming and just being a good steward

21:19: AI, music and human connection

28:39: Molly muses on live music and AI with worship music, and replacing worship leaders

32:24: An assignment for the savvy: a ChatGPT worship song.

37:30: Human achievement and you shall be like God

43:31: Cats bringing [live] kills into the house.

49:58: Molly tries out a cat metaphor for a hookup culture talk this weekend.

1:01:26: Show Close

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