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Ep. 167: Genuine Care for Others & Seeing Growth in Your Kids

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Episode Summary

Molly and I talk a little bit about the refreshing nature of local artistic communities, combatting self-righteousness and how to not feel threatened all the time. Along the way, we touch on some things our kids are learning and weeping with others. Join us for another hour around our digital table!

Episode Notes

Show Open

2:44: More chickens, more eggs, money-making jobs for the kids

12:38: Lili wants to learn French, Chicken prices, eating out of the freezer

15:26: WW2 resources; Masters of the Air, The Bloody 100th, Victory at Sea, unauthorized WW2 podcast, Number The Stars, Titus really likes a biography about Brother Andrew

26:00: JR and Molly enjoy a listening room experience with Jenna Greenwell, Jess Arndt, Zechariah Peabody and Bailey Mattson

32:20: Self-righteousness and being genuinely enthusiastic about the good or capability of other people and not feeling threatened.

40:35: The helping nature of artistic communities and encouraging that spirit in our our kids

45:15: Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye? It’s easy for us to weep with others, but much harder to rejoice with those who rejoice.

50:54: Eating through pantry and freezer items in an attempt to save money. Drumsticks are the way to go for affordable eating.

53:26: Show Close

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