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Ep. 171: Weird Kids, Being Overwhelmed, & A Good Debate

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Episode Summary

This week is more of the bullet point version that might make you laugh, cringe or otherwise nod your head. Regardless, you'll be glad you spent the time with us. We got a pool and assessment results. Molly also has some really good recommendations throughout. No recipes this time though...which is weird. But whatever. Join us!

Episode Notes


2:30: TB2F community comments, free books from Barnes & Noble, corporate puking on June 1.

6:13: AI phones and doctors.

10:30: The challenge of good medical care

13:30: Why is Ai going after creative jobs?

15:30: Creating a 15 minute city without walls.

17:43: Barnes and Noble summer reading club and their giveaways.

21:00 The Tuttle Twins TV, weird watching habits and the Classical school assessments.

22:15: A new curriculum for our oldest.

24:55: Faith interrupts.

26:37: Molly makes a confession about Andor.

28:24: Kids and weird music habits.

30:41: What else do you do when you feel overwhelmed? You get more chickens and a pool.

36:50: The humbling nature of being an adult.

42:58: We think we have our chicken situation figured out this year.

46:54: A debate between Allie Stuckey and a transgender activist.

51:59: Assigning sociological roles based on gender.

54:50: Transgenderism is not the physical condition you’re trying to prove.

56:41: We can watch and learn to not fall into fight of flight in these situations.

59:04: Truth vs. love.

1:02:01: Adult desires should not be at the cost of children’s needs.

1:05:05: Anti-natalism in culture today.

1:12:42: Show close

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