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Ep. 172: Building Kids' Resilience, The Breath of Life, & Vale of Tears

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Episode Summary

We're back after vacation and jump right into some thoughts on the need to build kids' resilience and maybe not get therapy for everything, and how most of the time in life, we think we're not doing well. We throw in some Anne of Green Gables and the importance of imagination, some gross mice stories and a lot of discussion about the power of breathing and being alone with our thoughts. You'll be rewarded and enjoy yourself!

Episode Notes

Intro: Juneteenth, Salem Witch Trials.

6:55: Family camping trip recap.

11:25: Farragut State Park's (Idaho) WW2 history.

13:44: Almost destroyed SUPs.

17:21: Reflections on things going wrong in life as a kid.

23:22: A gross story about mice and farm life and bats.

26:32: The Hillbilly Thomists, “The Power and The Glory.”

32:28: Resilience, Bad Therapy and Socio-Emotional Learning damage in schools.

36:44: Vale of Tears: Our default state is not feeling like we’re doing well.

39:08: How scripture speaks into our state.

41:28: The problem of sending kids going through puberty to therapy and pharmaceuticals and The Anxious Generation.

48:35: Website hustle, JR’s audiobooks, Anne of Green Gables and the importance of imagination as a child.55:46: Alone with your thoughts can be good for you.

58:09: Working out with our son, Breathe, ancient Yoga, and breath in the Bible and being fearfully and wonderfully made.

1:14:33: Mini Panthers.

1:16:17: Show Close

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