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Ep. 173: More Than or Less Than...What?

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Episode Summary

In this week's episode we primarily explore the question of "being more than or less than" presented by one of our listeners. Family history, personality quirks and living in a fallen world all play a part in the conversation so please join us! Episode details in the show notes.

Episode Notes

Intro: Gauging how you’re doing, resilience and banjos at church.

8:06: Product Rec: Cooking From Scratch for Teens, and completely vapid Disney movies with our girls.

15:19: Titus bakes himself a pizza and meatball subs.

19:04: Making yourself less when feel more and more when feeling less.

24:00: Taking self-introspection too far.

25:18: Everything hinges on your heart motivation and finding rightness and righteousness in God.

28:25: A prick on the conscience and calls to action when someone is “more than you.”

31:06: Being faithful and standing before a holy and righteous God and grumbling.

32:50: Two holy responses when feeling “less than.”

35:17: The diagnosis have zero expectation on treatment.

36:56: People are weird and hard, “Better than I deserve.”

40:02: JR’s personal struggles in this area and Ecclesiastes.

44:48: Improving yourself, living in a fallen world and knowing where to work on changing things.

48:18: The moral of the story.

48:46: Show Close

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