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Ep. 55: Sinful Kids are Like Ice Cream

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Episode Summary

We talk about a lot about food this episode. The first part of the show is pretty much food, then we chat about Bible reading programs and spend the rest of the time talking about falling prey to deception and how sinful kids are like ice cream. They all have unique flavors but all still ice cream.

Episode Notes

Training Hearts, Teaching Minds What Every Child Should Know About Prayer Berries on a Cloud - Mel's Kitchen Cafe Lemon Angle Pie - Your Home Based Mom Unpacking Forgiveness She Went To Lead Muslims to Jesus. Something Else Happened. Not Able To Sin “These four states, which are derived from the Scripture, correspond to the four states of man in relation to sin: 1) able to sin, able not to sin (posse peccare, posse non peccare); 2) not able not to sin (non posse non peccare); 3) able not to sin (posse non peccare); and 4) unable to sin (non posse peccare). The first state corresponds to the state of man in innocency, before the Fall; the second the state of the natural man after the Fall; the third the state of the regenerate man; and the fourth the glorified man.” ~ St. Augustine

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