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Ep. 64: Frappes, River Wins & A God Who Keeps Us

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Episode Summary

Molly kicks off the show with a frappe recipe moving into a camper update, JR winning a t-shirt and Molly's recent river adventures before settling on our main topic: God as an ever present keeper and pondering the question of what we would lead with introducing the Christian faith to someone.

Episode Notes

Storyworth ID:JF - JR Music Alias #1 (Multi-Links) Patroller - JR Music Alias #2 (Instagram) (Sermon is not online yet)

Molly's Frappe:

  • Coffee to taste

  • Scoop of Ice

  • Tablespoon Raw Honey

  • Tablespoon cocoa powder

  1. Blend honey, cocoa powder, and coffee.

  2. Blend in half and half.

  3. Blend ice and blend to frappe.

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