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Ep. 126: Sourdough Crackers & Seeing the World Accurately

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Episode Summary

In the midst of Molly's work travel, skiing and working we manage to get in an episode talking about some changes to our food intake, adapting palettes and the requisite lament about rising food costs. Then Molly dives in with a discussion about whether or not our impure hearts prevent us from seeing God and the world accurately. We ask many questions: how can we approach God with certainty? Is this an appropriate application of the Beatitudes? Molly then concedes a really good point to J.R. and she wraps the discussion with a contrast between Barth and Francis Schaeffer. Naturally, there's a recipe in here too.

Episode Notes

:36: Canavox weekend recap. 4:04: Introductions. 7:19: Reality TV, a MILF reality TV show. 9:10: People who listen from overseas and VPNs. 13:19: Kids bring a lot of drama and Molly has no capacity for extra drama. 11:50: Deemphasizing vegetables and adding more fruit to our diet. 14:08: Trying to adapt palettes and grocery budgets. 15:06: Crackers and cheese and food and crackers. 17:04: Sourdough cracker recipe and preferred chip and cracker flavors 20:46: Karl Barth and adulterous relationships 23:45: Does it matter to his work as a theologian? 25:55: An appropriate application of the Beatitudes? 30:30: Does an impure heart prohibit us from seeing God accurately? 32:52: How do we approach God with certainty? 37:18: Difference in writing commentaries vs. launching a relationship. 39:18: JR has a really good point. 41:13: Francis Schaeffer’s crises of faith and the contrast to Barth. 43:21: When we’re feeling distant from God, we need to move to Europe 44:55: Show close, a couple of notes. Too Busy to Flush Telegram Group Get $10 in Bitcoin! (Gemini App) Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website)

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