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Ep. 127: Growing Sprouts & Growing Relationships

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Episode Summary

We kick off with some humorous happenings around the house regarding kids, vets and scantily-clad mannequins before moving to Molly's early gardening and growing that's yielding some tasty snacks. This then leads to a discussion about relationships that make you better simply because you've been around them and being someone who does the same to others.

Episode Notes

Intro, winter road travel. 05:16: An appropriate view of animals vs. humans. 07:30: Elese is outraged at the vet having scantily-clad women in the window. 08:52: A child’s joy in her body and tankinis. 10:27: Planning for chickens. 12:36: Growing broccoli sprouts. 15:24: Kid’s valentine boxes and an easy puff pastry snack, and another snack idea. 17:56: Molly’s gardening heritage and what drove her from not wanting to garden to having a garden. 20:59: Back to broccoli sprouts. 22:08: Counter-cultural Spanish language lessons. 24:51: The absurdity of gender fluidity and an Arkansas “woman.” 26:28: A good friend is someone who makes you better for Jesus because you’ve been around them. 29:13: Molly was frustrated playing tennis in high school against opponents who weren’t as good she was. 31:22: Relationships that refresh and don’t drain. 33:10: Trusting God with a legacy of work when short on resources. 37:58: A microscope on the the swirling challenges of life of those around us. 39:26: Being someone who sees people where they’re hurting and being a blessing to them. 39:55: Someone who gave a more detailed answer. 44:40: People don’t seem to thinking deeply or have the knowledge to respond well. 46:47: Getting solid counsel from Scripture in the midst of disasters around us. 47:39: Jesus’s answer to the question, “Who’s fault is this?” 48:46: Living right with God. 52:59: Two humorous stories from listeners listening to us. 54:00: Some final random things Molly’s learning from homeschooling. 56:54: Show close. Too Busy to Flush Telegram Group Get $10 in Bitcoin! (Gemini App) Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website)

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