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Ep. 129: Chicks, Cats, & Dealing with Deliberately Mean People

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Episode Summary

This week spend some time updating on you on animals. That also includes a conclusion to last week's baby chick murdering. True crime podcast? Anyway, we move into discussing how to train our kids to handle other people that really did intend to be mean and how God seems to work in our lives in themes. Molly also shares some interesting tidbits she's been learning about the human body's storing of emotional energy and that rabbits thumping is little compulsive leg-wiggling.

Episode Notes

Show Open 3:30: Murdered chicken update, general baby chicks update. 12:30: And this week our cats almost died. 13:10: A fresh loaf of bread and a dead mouse. 14:38: Back to the cats… 22:21: Back to the chicks and processing guilt and shame. Issue of discipleship of the kids. 23:28: Stories of hiding things from our parents. 27:35: A kid comes forth. 30:14: God works in our lives with themes, ours seems to be “handling the fact that I meant [the bad thing] I said or did.” 32:00: A friend’s kid kicked another kid on the bus. 33:47: How do you help a kid who correctly perceiving others being deliberately mean to them. 36:18: Not underestimating the sin in people but training our kids to be confident in Christ, but not retreat. 38:38: Baby chick is asleep, they chirp from their throats? and science doesn’t know how or why a cut purrs. 42:18: How the human body stores emotional energy and the connection between our physical body and emotions. 47:37: Rabbit thumping and wiggling legs in church. Too Busy to Flush Telegram Group Get $10 in Bitcoin! (Gemini App) Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website)

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