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Episode Summary

Molly and JR jump right into the deep end with thoughts on Israel as the people of God but not before they interrupt the recording to check a cake and talk about various parenting, work and life updates. It's a difficult world to navigate at the moment and Molly wraps the show with some thoughts around Bonhoeffer's Life Together. Don't miss it!

Episode Notes

Intro: JR got some audiobook work, Molly’s baking a cake.

3:40: Molly needs a cake break.

3:53:JR’s audiobook adventures.

11:23: The girls’ academic assessment for the new school.

15:26: Commercial Break while Molly checks the cake.

17:50: Breathe review.

1:02:52: Commercial break while Molly checks the cake

2.23:42: A couple other books: Bennett Coles, Splendid and the Vile, Virtuous Liberty.

26:14: Conservative is not synonymous with Christian, Christian views on Israel and ignorance of the people.

31:23: An analogy on JR’s Biblical belief of today’s Israel.

34:52: Geo-political considerations, 1948, and just war theory.

49:45 : Eric Peters and finding a sense of identity in being a nobody.

57:38: The Proverbs 31 woman was a nobody but it was acknowledged and a blessing.

1:00:58: Show Close

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Episode Summary

We're making a pretty significant life change this year and it's only partially how we breathe. This all leads us to talking about how some people 5 years ago said THIS IS THE WAY and now, without batting an eye, NOW THIS IS THE WAY. It's fun. Join us around our digital table as we live life.

Episode Notes


2:35: Nomadic lifestyles. This is the way…or maybe not.

6:18: Nomadic families that have pivoted to homes but…it was the way.

11:04: The crunchy IG accounts that were the way…no, not the way anymore.

13:59: Conveying “Follow me as I follow Christ.”

17:05: Our life pivot. The nature of homeschool mom is you can’t push the kids as hard as you want to and feelings of deep inadequacy.

20:02: Pride and academic assessments.

23:07: 13yo boys and knives and thriving on alternative education like The Outdoor Boys and conspiracy theories.

30:57: A straight-up product recommendation: Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales and Great Battles for Boys.

35:40: Cooking and cooling rice makes it a better starch and the history of fried rice.

39:36: Some contemplations JR has during his life season.

42:16: Soda pop suicide and college cafeteria food.

44:40: Memories and brains.

48:00: Breathing isn’t something that just happens.

1:00:48: Show Close

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Episode Summary

The kids started listening to a new CCM artist which sparks a conversation around deconstructing your faith and possible sources of that. This rolls us into a conversation about weak-minded women and lazy men and the need to recognize gender weakness propensities with the warning that 2 Timothy gives us. No recipes this week but we do have some listener feed back! Please join us around our digital table!

Episode Notes

Show Open: Caedmon’s Call, Deconstruction, Mr. Red Pen, and Derek Webb.

8:41: Molly’s experience in seminary with intellectual superiority.

10:20: Alisa Childers and Tim Barnett, The Deconstruction of Christianity and an encouragement to doubt your faith and a fear of losing salvation.

18:30: Hyper intellectualism and fear of losing your faith are both gnosticism.

20:25: Paul’s warning against deceitful intellectuals and the application to women and Instagram and internet things.

21:07: A super-rich mormon intellectual cosplay or real? Good or bad? Is this a Godly woman or not? What really matters?

26:10: 2 Timothy is a talking about women for a reason. Them Before Us and men protecting families. The 3Ps of manhood.

30:52: Men should be the protectors in home and church.

34:54: The difference in our empathy levels.

37:10: The appearance of godliness and capturing weak women.

41:05: Feedback from listeners on kids doing hard things.

46:35: Brad Wilcox’s Get Married is a great read.

48:33: A fear of consuming resources over belief that God will provide what we need to flourish is idolatry.54:00: Inflation, the trajectory and the pinch.

57:30: Strivers, progressive speaking but conservative living, divorce rates and the power of good community.

1:10:00: Show Close

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