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This is good. Repost from the Gospel Coalition.

What Are Theologians For? The Case of Karl Barth’s Adultery

“It’s a shame he was an adulterous and unfaithful husband, but he sure was a great theologian and a gift to the church.”

Is this sentence intelligible? Might it be regarded as capturing the complex reality of indwelling and ongoing sin for theologians, or is it simply oxymoronic? Part of how we answer the question depends on additional information. Was this adultery a single occasion or a persistent reality? Does this theologian out himself in broken and contrite confession and repentance, or does he justify his actions and remain habitually unrepentant?

I’d imagine most of us would instinctively conclude that if the “theologian” in our thought experiment engaged in high-handed and unrepentant habitual adultery, the descriptor “adulterous and unfaithful husband but splendid theologian” is nothing more than an oxymoron.

And we haven’t been thinking about a hypothetical figure; we’ve been thinking about Karl Barth, who is regarded by many as one of the most important theologians of the 20th century.

Karl Barth and the Handicap of Habitual Sin

Most theologians and historians have engaged with Barth’s work without having to address the question of his relationship with his assistant, Charlotte von Kirschbaum, for the simple reason that no one could confirm whether their relationship was anything more than professional. With the recent discovery of Barth’s private correspondence with Kirschbaum, the ongoing romantic affair has become incontrovertible.

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Episode Summary

JR's comment on last week's show about repenting just not being adequate sparks a conversation and the inadequacy of fixing problems through just vaguely confession and using the Gospel as a sanctimonious Jesus Juke. We also (still?) are struggling with a kid's sleep habits and Molly talks about Bacon Fig Jam.

Episode Notes

1:48: Ski Patrol training and tree wells 6:07: Mixing shows and Star Wars 7:20: Bacon fig jam 9:30: Bible Project’s Introductory to the Psalms 12:00: More struggles with our daughter 16:01: Repentance and specificity 19:48: There is truth in confessing more but… 22:30: Depression and confession [

] 25:50: Using the gospel as law and Jesus Juking 28:03: What you must do to experience fulfillment 30:54: Lecturing kids and the law 33:41: Why does James call the NT law perfect but then calls it Liberty 35:23: The importance of leaning in to God’s perfect law as people who chafe against rules 37:06: Start with the question of who God is 37:43: Practical examples for the kids 41:54: You’re going to feel like a slave 43:30: History of the Christmas Hymn: Joy To The World 48:52: Show Close

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Episode Summary

We open the year with some thoughts and comments about the show and our amazing listeners and explore the topic of what do when the world goes crazy around you and there's nothing you can do about it.

Episode Notes

Open: Elese Birthday, Stories from kids about dead cats 5:03: neutering and spaying animals and puberty blockers 7:05: Cats reproductive systems 8:31: Pete and Kim’s dogs 10:27: Snowflakes and being so severed from reality 12:06: Apocalyptic Politics; Carl Trueman article 15:02: The real world experience vs. virtual and being increasingly marginalized in the public sphere 19:06: China’s covid policy reversal 20:53: Molly and JR bicker 22:00: Ukraine, all the whys, and real suffering 25:28: Reflections on Psalm 2 and the Jump to Jesus. 29:37: Kings are never referred to as “Son of God” 31:08: What is our posture towards the rulers of the earth 33:41: What God calls us to do 36:23: Voddie Baucham talk on Psalm 2 40:01: Our brains were not designed to know more than we can control 41:33: All the news all the time gives us a sense of omniscience and omnipotence 43:05: JR’s comments about Liturgy Devotional,Be Thou My Vision. 45:07: Thoughts and reflections on TB2F and our listeners. 46:23: Rebecca’s voicemail 48:25: Show close Too Busy to Flush Telegram Group Get $10 in Bitcoin! (Gemini App) Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website)

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