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Ep. 115: Sanctification, Elk Hunting, & Rabbits

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Episode Summary

New Show Notes with timestamps! Let us know if you like it. See below. In this episode, we update you on our kids' falling asleep issues (I think we found the fix), a failed podcast record, a new rabbit and how elk hunting leads working out intellectual faith vs. heart faith and your version of a fully stocked freezer. You'll also hear our first listener story!

Episode Notes

Show Open: thoughts on the show and more intentional on the podcast 4:47: Thoughts on normalcy prompted by a FB post. comments regarding a stressed homeschool mom: needing alongsidedness vs. advice. Just being a friend and listening. 9:53: Housekeeping on the show, ideas 11:45 Super busy week. Squeezed in a failed recording, request for Listener calls 15::48 Update on sleepless Lili: it’s a food issue!! Sourced via BodyTalkBasics 25:20: The uniqueness of sourdough bacteria and blood sugar spikes 27:42: The Great Majestic oven and cooking off-grid 34:08: Albus Dumblehare our gray lion-haired rabbit and our ridiculousness, dad raised rabbits to eat, dad kills a deer, wrecks a car and buys a truck instead of paying for college. 42:16: Cat Chaos and Canine Chaos and game ideas 44:35: Elk hunting, bad Bible reading, Joshua “…and on that day the manna stopped.” Our promised land, intellectual faith vs. heart faith 52:57: The Israelites in Judges, the story of the story of the human race, sanctification- man with a yo-yo going up the stairs. Your version of a fully stocked freezer. 58:12: Constant problems being a a feature, not a bug for life in a fallen world. Belief, trust and obedience. 1:00:00: Anticipated show schedule and interruptions to life. 1:02:08: Listener story: Ty’s & His Cow

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