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Ep. 117: Counteracting an Unnatural Sexual Ethic

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Episode Summary

Nick Cannon and EDM Twitter kick off an episode around sexual ethics that hurt men and women, how to talk to our kids about them and finding a sense of value in knowing well and loving well. We also give you a whole pile of very different recipes and a story about our pastor blowing up rats.

Episode Notes

1:02: Nick Cannon, EDM Twitter and perverted sexual ethics 4:55: How we talk to our children about being wise in the world 7:32: Comments from a sex crimes prosecutor 8:32: Helping our girls grow in wisdom and not be victims, the natural science behind attraction 13:11: Mutual men and women's responsibility to protect themselves 17:13: How to make girls feel valued by not making themselves a sex object 19:10: Beauty is a good thing - mothers need to communicate these things 20:48: We will never fix the broken hookup culture with education and consent 21:50: Canavox resources on Hookup culture (blog post forthcoming) 23:38: A few life updates, ski patrol and Molly has chairlift questions 29:56: New limited edition People are Weird and Hard Stickers! 32:07: Cleaning and wall touching kid grunge 35:01: Molly’s cleaning solution 35:50: Glass cleaner recipe, coffee cleaner recipe, Wine-Away 41:20: Our pastor blows up rats 43:28 Zucchini Butter Spaghetti recipe 42:15: Thanksgiving music playlist 48:09: Turkey Prep 52:57: What goes on a Thanksgiving Playlist (blog post forthcoming) 55:17: Closing thoughts on switching churches and finding a sense of value by knowing well and loving well. 1:06:18: "People are weird and hard is like the cornstarch in the glass cleaning recipe that just fills in the little holes and just leaves the window of your life a little bit less streaky."

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