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Ep. 139: Aliens, Amazon, & Men Who Don't Want To Work

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Episode Summary

We're back after life kinda look us out of the loop for a couple of weeks and we dive right back in with thoughts on the image of God, aliens and UFOs sparked by the congressional hearings then Molly recaps her weekend at Canvaox with a story about a young man working at Amazon and the amount of power they hold which spurs a discussion about why millions of men don't want to work.

Episode Notes

Open: Life delays, music mixing technology 6:00: UFO congressional hearings 9:48: Kids playing violin 11:58: Takeaways from the the hearings, did God create other lifeforms? 13:28: End times, bad movies, and God letting his people suffer 18:09: Don’t you dare say God won’t let his people suffer and don’t you dare lose hope. 18:58: JR’s opinions 20:13: Could God creating another being in the image of God in a different way? 24:16: Skeptical at the end of the day and ultimate takeaway 27:40: Molly’s Canavox weekend recap 29:50: Amazon controls all. 39:24: Efforts to distance yourself from government dependency 41:05: Skills we want our kids to learn 43:13: Helping men and boys flourish - Why do millions of men not want to work? Mike Rowe and Nicholas Eberstadt. 46:00: Leonard Sacks- Boys Adrift recommendations 47:02: Old Fashioned on Purpose podcast and rats who have to work for their Fruit Loops 55:08: Molly needs Zucchini recipes, is JR denser? Engaged rat brains are denser and heavier. 58:20: Molly also meeds cherry preserving recipes 1:00:46: Show Close Why Gender Matters - Free on Audible for Audible subscribers Too Busy to Flush Telegram Group Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website)

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