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Ep. 144: Middle-Age Metabolism, Concert Kids, & Small Groups

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Episode Summary

Molly laments about her metabolism and is now changing how we eat to a more protein rich diet. I've been telling her this for years... The kids go to their second concert and it wasn't quite as grand as the first. Finally, a small group discussion- do they largely fail? Or is there a different model? What's the purpose? Molly and JR share differing opinions on the matter.

Episode Notes

Show Open 2:47: Middle-aged metabolism, sausage bite recipe, reflections on modern machinery 11:42: Women’s hormones, eating protein in the morning and managing blood sugar and metabolism 13:25: Protein deficiencies, diet discussions and maybe it’s a first world problem 23:38: The kids go to their second concert, Rend Collective and it wasn’t as great as they were hoping; concerts with kids 30:42: The Tophouse live experience was great, and encores. 38:31: A few brief thoughts on last week’s Sabbath episode; Serious Sabbath; Remember the Sabbath; 40:28: Are small groups artificial attempts at organic connection in a disconnected modern American culture? Do they largely fail? 48:53: Where small groups succeed, their various natures informing relationship 51:12: Friendship, community and seasons of loneliness 59:13: Introverts in small groups and teaching 3rd graders 1:07:53: Show Close Too Busy to Flush Telegram Group Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website)

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