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Ep. 153: Being a Kind, Not Gnostic, Christian Materialist

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Episode Summary

Well, we *finally* close the topic of self-care with a couple short thoughts before diving into being a materialist at Christmas because it honors God. This of course, leads to a few points on Christian gnosticism before we wrap the show up with being treated according to our kind and being kind to those in sin. Naturally, we include some delicious food we've been eating. All in all, par for the course around here.

Episode Notes

Show Open: Christmas Tree update, seasonal hecticness and family random notes. 9:18: One more thought on self-care: living faithfully within our finitude. 15:28 We’re such dependent creatures (food). 16:43 Incorporating the Lord’s prayer. 21:07: Doug Wilson on celebrating the materiality of Christmas. 25:54 Robert Farrar Capon and cottage cheese. 27:41: Christians living in a material world. 29:01: The feasts and the festivals. 30:42: Christian gnosticism confused with holiness. 33:10 “Kind” is a Biblical category, “nice” is not. 35:35: Dr. Jon Money and the precursor to modern transgenderism. 39:04: Cultural expectations and being kind to those in sin. 43:06: Contrast between grace and kindness. 45:17: Molly’s dad’s been making some killer summer sausage. 47:58: Show close banter, invite to our Christmas party! Too Busy to Flush Telegram Group Send us a Postcard Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website) Molly's Favorite Milk Brother (new version)

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