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Ep. 166: Marital Conflict: Building Kids' Mental Fortitude

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Episode Summary

The judo tournament last weekend sparked some conflict between Molly and I! I we want you to join the discussion. Prior to that we talk a little bit about the changing of the times, forgetting to turn of parental controls and having a bit of trailer park in the blood. We hope you enjoy the show as much we did!

Episode Notes


4:13: Property, neighbors, covenants.

7:35: Molly has a soft spot for dead tires.

8:39: A trailer park, a dirty magazine and the level of “parents don’t know.”

10:02: Repeat sexual predation on Snapchat, and swapping texts with friends.

13:55 For the love of what is good and holy, don’t let your kids download stuff on their own - a funny story about our kids and devices.

19:28: Marital conflict: What to do about building mental fortitude in our kids- JR’s case.

26:58: Molly’s perspective.

32:11: What is the ultimate goal for our kids and physical strength in women.

38:09: How Molly fell in love with classical studies.

42:14: Stacking the deck in your favor and your kids’ favor.

43:42: Our son is recognizing the evilness of Hitler.

49:34: How horrible just barely escape death and The Parables of Jesus and the Devil’s work in the church.

51:02: Show Close

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