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EP 169: This is Not The Way, Life Changes, & Breathing

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Episode Summary

We're making a pretty significant life change this year and it's only partially how we breathe. This all leads us to talking about how some people 5 years ago said THIS IS THE WAY and now, without batting an eye, NOW THIS IS THE WAY. It's fun. Join us around our digital table as we live life.

Episode Notes


2:35: Nomadic lifestyles. This is the way…or maybe not.

6:18: Nomadic families that have pivoted to homes but…it was the way.

11:04: The crunchy IG accounts that were the way…no, not the way anymore.

13:59: Conveying “Follow me as I follow Christ.”

17:05: Our life pivot. The nature of homeschool mom is you can’t push the kids as hard as you want to and feelings of deep inadequacy.

20:02: Pride and academic assessments.

23:07: 13yo boys and knives and thriving on alternative education like The Outdoor Boys and conspiracy theories.

30:57: A straight-up product recommendation: Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales and Great Battles for Boys.

35:40: Cooking and cooling rice makes it a better starch and the history of fried rice.

39:36: Some contemplations JR has during his life season.

42:16: Soda pop suicide and college cafeteria food.

44:40: Memories and brains.

48:00: Breathing isn’t something that just happens.

1:00:48: Show Close

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