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The Great Majestic Oven

On episode 115, I talk a little bit about our hunting trip and the lack of generator back up and our use of this stove as our primary coooking source. This is the Great Majestic oven that Molly's dad had refinished. It serves as the primary heat for the cabin. I think the plan is to head up there for Thanksgiving and while our friend Ty seems to think it's going to be really hard to cook a turkey in the Majestic. Molly simply said, "Challenge accepted." We'll let you know how that fares.

The wood-fired cook stove was manufactured by Majestic Mfg. Co. in St. Louis, Missouri in the 1890s. Near as I can tell this is not the same company as the current Majestic furnance and fireplace company.

The most concise information I could find is here a blog post at the Smithsonian. I wonder if I can get a copy of the recipe for turkey? If you find anyhting else, post it up in the comments.

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