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Community Thoughts: Food & Sleep

In episode 115, Molly talked a little bit about the solution she found to Lili's sleep problems - she needs a slice of toast before bed! (So far, it's still working.) She got the idea from an Instagram story by the gal who runs Body Talk Basics.

Here are a couple comments from our Telegram group:

Anna had to this to say:

I LOVE that the solution to Leelee’s (sp? - sorry) sleep issues was simply food! We overspiritualize things sometimes and it’s such a good reminder that we are physical creatures. We have to listen to the signals God created in our bodies: hunger, stress, fear, fatigue.

Hedy followed up with:

This reminds me of resistant starches. The same thing solved my sleep problems. I'm almost 50 and kept waking up around 3-5 am every morning with what felt like a hot flash. I was told that's just peri-menopause. Then I read that if your blood sugar drops below a certain level, the body uses cortisol to produce more insulin. So having some resistant starch just before bed solved the problem for me. Resistant starch is starch that acts more like fiber and last longer in your body, such as a piece of cooled cooked baked or boiled potato (cooling in the fridge overnight changes the structure of the starches). As Anna said, we have to listen to the signals God created in our bodies.

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