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Ep. 160: Hope, False Comparisons, & Sticking Your Neck Out

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Episode Summary

It's been over a week and kind of a nightmare. We catch you up before doing some lyrical reflection from a band Molly and I saw over the weekend before spending most of the show sharing recipes and hearing Molly rail on an old friend's post making false comparisons about transgenderism and sticking your neck out for it.

Episode Notes

Intro: Ginger beer, kid stress, another chicken death and a nightmare week.

14:35: Recap on my short trip Ft. Benton.

19:07: Molly and I had a date and saw The Lucky Valentines live and a discussion about complicated relationships with Christianity. Josephine OEO

24:03: The world is a dark and scary place, Carlson/Weinstein Interview, orienting our hearts and our kids amidst the fear and uncertainty.

32:00: We are the new singles ministry.

33:25: Potions for joint health and MRI results.

37:24: Amazing home Chicken Drumsticks (just like wings).

40:29: Homemade Nilla wafers.

42:40: JR switched back to green tea in the morning.

43:23: Coffee is not good first thing in the morning…here’s why.

46:50: Molly is almost incensed by an old friend in Instagram. Transgender deaths and false equations.

56:33: Trying not to be the person that can’t handle history.

1:02:49: We didn’t take their books and teenage mushbrain.

1:05:16: Scrips for Testosterone made a woman a goes crazy.

1:09:10: Transgender suicides and “The Dutch Studies.”

1:15:50: Things Unseen podcast, Sinclair Ferguson and “Goodness” (Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus) and sticking your neck out for what’s right and true when it will cost you something.

1:20:08: You can’t divorce your soul from your body, Abigail Fivale.

1:22:41: Show Close

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