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Ep. 170: Checking Cakes, Israel, & Life Together

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Episode Summary

Molly and JR jump right into the deep end with thoughts on Israel as the people of God but not before they interrupt the recording to check a cake and talk about various parenting, work and life updates. It's a difficult world to navigate at the moment and Molly wraps the show with some thoughts around Bonhoeffer's Life Together. Don't miss it!

Episode Notes

Intro: JR got some audiobook work, Molly’s baking a cake.

3:40: Molly needs a cake break.

3:53:JR’s audiobook adventures.

11:23: The girls’ academic assessment for the new school.

15:26: Commercial Break while Molly checks the cake.

17:50: Breathe review.

1:02:52: Commercial break while Molly checks the cake

2.23:42: A couple other books: Bennett Coles, Splendid and the Vile, Virtuous Liberty.

26:14: Conservative is not synonymous with Christian, Christian views on Israel and ignorance of the people.

31:23: An analogy on JR’s Biblical belief of today’s Israel.

34:52: Geo-political considerations, 1948, and just war theory.

49:45 : Eric Peters and finding a sense of identity in being a nobody.

57:38: The Proverbs 31 woman was a nobody but it was acknowledged and a blessing.

1:00:58: Show Close

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