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Ep. 124: Frosting, Vaping, & Encouraging Others

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Episode Summary

This is a retake! We cover the same topics though: a new cake and frosting recipe, health issues with vaping, its use among kids and parents who don't engage with them. How we can engage with them and others when we're just feeling overwhelmed with the assault of the world on our families and lives.

Episode Notes

Open and some random updates. 6:54: New chocolate cake recipe and 7 minute frosting. 11:40: Titus chocolate chip cookie as a roll. 14:03: Vaping health issues. 17:51: Is vaping sin? 23:36: Too dangerous sports? 24:44: When you die is in God’s hands but also… 26:53: A show idea for J.R. without Molly 27:46: The parents don’t care. 29:01 American culture is so stressed filled and pharmaceuticals for mental health issues. 30:47: The Magic of Tidying Up lady now has kids. 32:10: Commending parents for engaging with their kids. 33:20: The opposite happened after Covid, people are doing more. 34:51: Keeping touch with people who are hurting. 37: Being able to freely grieve because things are not as they should. 37:42: KLOVE is like frosting without cake. 38:43: Broccoli is better with butter. 39:12 Back to the encouragement of those grieving and brokenness. 40:09: Reminders in a season of being burdened with a heavy soul. 41:57: What you can do to reach out in faith to others. 44:13: If you have a verse and an encouraging story with others, call us and get a free People Are Weird and Hard sticker and a baggie of butter lettuce seeds. 46: Close Too Busy to Flush Telegram Group Get $10 in Bitcoin! (Gemini App) Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website)

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