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Ep. 163: The Roots of Real Relationship

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Episode Summary

We go deep into relationships and what makes them thrive on this week's episode. We highlight sexual relationships and consequently parent/child relationships. No recipes this week but plenty of chuckles and fun tangents of banter between husband and wife. We will not have a show for the next three weeks or so.

Episode Notes

Show Open

2:02: Molly’s weekend trip to a homeschool conference speaking on Canavox.

5:28: A Youth Leader spot a People are Weird and Hard sticker.

7:38: Katy Faust’s foundational topic at the conference- The Seven Loves and building relationships.

12:10: A case against “bromance”, “man crush” and sexualizing things that aren’t inherently sexual.

15:47: The most popular MB personality type of gay men is…

19:25: The punchline: Family love.

22:17: Molly’s session on hookup culture.

23:14: Vanity Fair article and modern bar culture.

25:46: New challenges and dynamics to today’s dating world.

27:21: The Dating Project (we’re sorry, it’s currently not streaming.

28:48: JR’s weekend and the weird contrast to phones and bars in modern dating culture.

31:06: The Gabb phone thing and tragedies of the Snapchat algorithm.

39:08: Bringing your phone to bed and better morning routines.

40:44: We’re in a mess societally with our children, Abigail Shrier and the onset of kids’ mental health, and raising your kids to be less American.

47:04: Leonard Sax’s council to new American Immigrants.

49:08: American culture is a toddler dragging a rug around the room.

53:11: The results of the AI worship song.

58:45: Faith will be back in a gypsy.

59:05: Results of a new physical health experiment and being bloated and gassy.

1:04:20: Show Close

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