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Ep. 164: Calvin & Hobbes, Doomsday Cults, & Great TV

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Episode Summary

Oddly, we kick off our return from vacation and surgery in rather mellow fashion with some discussion around recent TV and documentaries we've been watching. We also update you on the our crazy parenting and marriage world. Grab a cup of tea of coffee and hang out with us for an hour!

Episode Notes

Intro: Trying to get back into the swing of things.

3:30: JR’s shoulder recovery- tremendously better

8:27: Molly got sick, her parents had surgery, and

9:38: Some recent TV Shows and our kids’ American history books

14:48: JR’s other things happening, TV shows he’s watching

19:04: Molly started Dear Mr. Watterson, Calvin & Hobbes and some interesting facts about that.

25:41: Molly gets sucked into a doomsday cult - Gloriavale

34:24: What does it mean to say, “I believe it’s the Lord’s will to X.”

40:03: How do you see through lies? Courage to opt out of a system based on fear and control

42:00: How young men are lost in America and an example of gross reporting.

45:53: Legitimate conviction through Scripture.

52:21: Show Close

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