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Ep. 165: The Power of Real World Accomplishments

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Episode Summary

We have a full one today! We spend most of our time discussing the power of real-world accomplishments in our lives and reasons boys and men are failing today but before we get there, Molly and I share where inflation has been starting to squeeze us, some dietary changes and a few other little economic odds and ends. All of course relevant as we raise kids in a world where people are weird and hard. Join us!

Episode Notes

Intro: Coffee substitutes, cortisol levels and protein intake.

7:38: One way to tell if you’re healthy via your fingernails.

10:10: Molly’s milk frother died!

10:36: If you’d invested in Apple with iPhone money you’d have how much?”

11:56: Creo brew coffee substitutes, price per serving and the cost of Starbucks.

16:45: Moody’s analytics and the last year’s inflation numbers and saving money at the grocery store. Organic Shell Pasta.

21:43: Finances, young couples owning a home and reasons to get married.

26:15: One of the reasons people aren’t having kids.

28:03: Do your kids a favor and have them watch The Tuttle Twins

28:55: Zimbabwe’s attempted currency relaunch.

32:48: Attending a heavily edited play about The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

37:12: A lazy kid and why dad’s are important.

40:44: Data on men and boys are failing. Mike Rowe and Nicolas Eberstat. A failure of unemployment statistics.

46:03: Manual labor, masonry and bricks.

47:54: Leonard Sacks’ 5 reasons boys are failing

54:10: Isn’t this a pendulum swing from the women’s rights movement?

56:32: Just get the boys out of the house, video games and hijacking the brain rewards center.

1:00:29: Titus and his hatchet. Outdoor Boys.

1:07:32: Doing something hard and building neural pathways.

1:12:27: A contrast in the brain between playing a video game and real world accomplishments.

1:15:02: Show Close

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