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Ep. 140: Doing Hard Things, Depressing Things, & Making Good Decisions

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Episode Summary

We do the most depressing thing in our married lives, our kids are learning the value of doing hard things and should life decisions be filled with regret or are some of them that feel like bad decisions, were actually good decisions at the time?

Episode Notes

Show Open 3:45: Family running! 6:40: Completing something difficult creates new neural pathways 7:37: A sandbar disaster 9:35: Your brain gets better by doing hard things 12:30: The Spartan Race founder and brain pathways 16:35: Molly’s new health kick and American shoes, Anya’s reviews and barefoot running. 22:15: Kids’ fitness levels are tied to mom’s level, not dad’s 24:19: Cat door and mouse update 29:18: The most depressing thing we’ve ever done 34:58: Podcast/Media appropriate for the day comments 35:54: Molly’s thoughts on a failed garage sale 39:06: An interesting time in culture 44:33: Making decisions 52:40: Thanking God for things and friends 56:50: Show close Too Busy to Flush Telegram Group Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website)

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