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Ep. 141: Healthy Living, Sovereignty over Free Will, & Trauma as Identity

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Episode Summary

This is our last episode until after Labor Day and we move fluidly from tips on clothing and undergarments for better health, to the problem of evil, to PIckleball and family investments before wrapping with discussion around difficulty, trauma and identity.

Episode Notes

Show Open 2:00: Lymphatic system, underwire bras, and natural living 3:42: Natural fiber underwear and increased fertility 6:43: Orthorexia and decreasing your toxic load 9:31: Men’s merino wool benefits 11:58: Girls bralettes and growing kids 16:33: Pickleball!! 17:47: How Pickleball ended up on our radar 19:29: One of the big weaknesses in homeschooling 21:10: The story of Pickleball continues 26:03: Rules that make Pickleball relaxed 28:48: Investments for family activity hopes 33:34: God Reforms Hearts, and the tension of God’s sovereignty and human freedom comfort in the crucifixion 46:30: Molly reviews “Rules of Civility” by Amor Towles 54:25: Meaningful recalling of hard or difficult things 59:16: The Body Keeps Score and processing difficulty and trauma 1:00:22: Trauma as public identity and Courageous World Changers 1:03:56: Not being defined by a single thing like your sexuality 1:10:05: Show Close Too Busy to Flush Telegram Group Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website)

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