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Ep. 142: Political Ponderings, Life Recap, & Creating Good Habits

Episode Summary

We jump right in with some some discussion around JR's listing to RFK, Jr. on Joe Rogan's podcast, namely, making political decisions before moving into Titus leveling up, Molly prepping the solo and JR's touring adventures. We have a smattering of music recommendations as well. We close the show with some lengthy discussion around good and bad habits, how they form, how principles align with scripture and better Christian living overall.

Episode Notes

Open 2:55: Molly’s did a reformed history trip with Ligonier Ministries European Tour, government monopolies on utilities 6:12: Mr. Beast and Joe Rogan 9:48: RFK, Jr., and being so far beyond what the founders intended 13:09: 3-Letter Agency overstep 18:19: Worldviews, public policies and political action 20:37: Molly would consider voting for a Kennedy, should big issues like abortions be the issue of the day for a particular election? 25:58: Should we trust Vivik? 26:42: A recap of our lives of the last three weeks or so 😆, Molly and Titus preps the van for a trip by themselves, Titus levels up in life, JR goes out on tour. 36:09: Ty Walker & The Humanoids 38:34: Jess Ray fronts a The Worship Initiative tune, Ancient Gates; The Lord's Prayer, Shane & Shane 41:29: JR’s remix of Jess Ray’s “Best Friend” 41:52: Atomic Habits 44:13: Going 6 hours for grain- weird life values 49:03: The Lucky Valentines 50:57: The Missouri River and Lewis and Clark get sidelined 52:54: Habits don’t create who you are, the they flow out of who you are; a sense of identity. 56:15: Kids take their physical fitness cues from their mother, not their father. 58:48 Identity creating habits is so Biblical. 1:03:05: Cues, cravings, responses, rewards, temptations, dopamines and applying principles to life for better Christian living 1:16:17: Molly working through sharpening her life and being a good steward with her time and resources. 1:16:23: Model Health Show on Time Management 1:21:06: Molly passionately hates wasps 1:22:23: Close Too Busy to Flush Telegram Group Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website) Montana Flour & Grains

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