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Ep. 143: Sabbath Rests, Self-Righteousness, & Getting Your Arm Ripped Off

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Episode Summary

This week we jump in with a conversation around what it means to "remember the sabbath day and keep it holy" and it if involves going out to eat among other things. Molly shares a wild story about a classic hymn, her parents tour Scotland with Sinclair Ferguson and Titus shares William Wallace's death randomly in the kitchen. It's an episode for sure!

Episode Notes

Show Open 1:40: Late night vs. early morning, weekend recap, Tophouse, we’re failing at consistently running now, creative focus, focused work time, latest food preservations 14:12: Planning and discipline necessary for harvesting and sabbath rests 19:05: Kamut muffins and Uncle Vernon’s latest, the big difference in what we’re able to grow. 20:01: Sabbath views: Cultural considerations, making other people work by going out to eat. Westminster Standards, Qs 114-121 33:27: Self-righteousness that comes from taking Christian liberty or holding to strict adherence. Where is your heart? Keeping things in their place. 36:58: The kids’ current hymn study: Stand Up Stand Up for Jesus, it’s history, George Whitfield, and getting arms ripped off. 45:01: Molly’s tour Scotland and England with Ligonier Ministries, Stephen Hawking is buried in Westminster Abbey and it’s secularization. 48:12: Titus tells Molly a out William Wallace’s death, how do people get to the point of thinking things like this are okay and need to be done? 50:53: War is an apologetic for God- Pastor Bryan Clark, Trinity Church, Bozeman, MT; Miroslov Volf (Exclusion and Embrace- PRE revision) 55:09: Show Close Too Busy to Flush Telegram Group Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website)

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