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Ep. 150: Eating Scrolls & Baking Rolls

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Episode Summary

Molly's been ruminating on Revelation this week and learned a few interesting bits of history along the way. Join us and laugh a little and be encouraged around our virtual table as we raise kids and navigate life in a frequently difficult world.

Episode Notes

A week of normal week, and daylight savings time. 3:19: Timezone history and statistics. 9:26: The electrifying of America. 13:33: The Gray Haven’s new hymn record is fantastic and listening to music over and over again. 17:11: Molly’s 3rd grade snack win, trying trying to find a link on our website like this Revelation sermon. 23:20: Molly’s takeaways from said sermon: a pastor tones down his teaching on God’s wrath; there is no cosmic justice; Hilter, Stalin, Mao didn’t get what’s coming to them 27:51: What it means to “eat this scroll”; alarming stats on Christianity 31:40: Being prepared in the heart, Iran bigwig declares war on the US, a Montana lab had the covid virus a hear before it “got out.” 37:58: A balm to the hurting heart 41:27: Hymn of the week…oh my. 45:46: A podcast highlighting the mysterious acts of the Lord 47:27: Back to the hymn 53:34: Taking something too far, too hard. 55:48: The Battle Hymn of The Kingdom 58:02: Christmas Open House! 1:02:45: Show Close Too Busy to Flush Telegram Group Send us a Postcard Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website) Molly's Favorite Milk Brother (new version)

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