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Ep. 151: Shelving, Satisfaction, & Self-Care

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Episode Summary

Molly talks about the theme of doing what what you're created to do, tees up J.R. for some thoughts on satisfaction and joy in Ecclesiastes before they riff a little on the idea of "self-care" and it's Biblical merit. Naturally, there's a least on recipe in the show.

Episode Notes

Show Open: Birthdays, tea and coffee, the differences between. 5:28: Titus, a game night, and his chocolate chip cookie. 7:04: A new recipe for Thanksgiving, chocolate cookie pies and chess pie. 9:46: Chess pie, vinegar pies, Momofuku. 15:29: A running theme: kids’ room shuffling, Ikea hacks, and new shelving ideas. 19:31: Joy and satisfaction in working with your hands, teaching your son to be a man. 22:57: Doing things with your hands for mental health and a sense of doing what you’re created to do. 26:19: Molly tees up J.R. On Ecclesiastes. 33:47 Molly responds with some Hebrew lol and they discuss finding joy in the toil. 40:35: Life seasons. 42:53: Argentina's new President looks like his’s from the 60’s and The Byrds. 45:15 An admonishment about self-care. 45:48: Distinctions between self-care and rest and underlying heart conditions. 50:43: A brilliant Bluey episode on mom needing 15 minutes. 52:28: Modern lifestyles don’t lend themselves to healthy rest and rhythms in life. 54:12: Some tips for better health and rest. 59:20: Show Close It's a Wonderful (Brief) Life - Sermon Too Busy to Flush Telegram Group Send us a Postcard Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website) Molly's Favorite Milk Brother (new version)

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