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Ep. 157: God's Grace is Bigger Than Your Best

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Episode Summary

It got really cold here in Montana. Really cold. So we had a few adventures. We also revisit last week's conversation and fill it out with some perspectives on grace and life in a fallen world. JR also learns a new term: "Wed Lease." Molly shares a recipe and it's the usual thing. Thanks for joining us!

Episode Notes


1:48: Homemade beef sticks, 13yo boys and protein needs.

4:40: Bitter cold and ground pork.

7:48: Beef squeezed out of frosting tip instead of a jerky gun and the recipe.

10:27: A mouse in the van.

16:02: A chicken in the house.

21:00: Hollow tubed hair and God’s neat designs for animals.

23:58: Women’s ice cold feet.

26:58: A chicken of the day.

37:00: The cheese is perfect.

32:57: Cracking down on schooling.

35:57: Circling back on the dad convo; no such thing as quality without quantity.

39:07: COVID showed parents the benefit of being home with their kids.

40:39: Some are called the workplace and staying home may not be an option.

41:50: The Factual Feminist and the gender wage gap myth.

43:41: Many women can’t take three years off to raise a kid.

46:47: God’s grace is bigger than you doing the best you can.

48:54: A fascinating video on the biology and neuroscience of men becoming fathers.

53:50: Loneliness is like smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.

46:33: Wedlock vs. Wedlease.

1:01:22: Wine-drinking, Mommy culture weirdness.

1:09:34: Show Close

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