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Ep. 158: Righteousness, Guilt, & Granola Bars

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Episode Summary

Molly and J.R. dive in deep right off that bat with righteousness vs. sanctification, Islam and the LDS, and conversations with kids about guilt. This leads to more difficult conversations with kids about the end of the world, sin and what that whole thing looks like. We close the show drawing on our time overseas discussion western individualism vs the communal culture found elsewhere in the world and it's manifestation among our churches, families and lives. Naturally we include not one but THREE recipes for you.

Episode Notes

Intro: Righteousness vs. sanctification.

4:37: Jackie Hill Perry comes out against the enneagram.

7:24: Preston Perry invites some LDS in and records the convo, and it applies to Muslim evangelism.

9:09: Conversations with kids about guilt and Tales of Persia.

11:43: Pervasiveness of Islam everywhere except Billings.

13:15: How do you get on Allah’s good side? The distinction of Christianity.

15:56: Distinctions from every other religion in the world.

17:51: Explaining Proverbs to kids.

19:23: being a part of the body of Christ, partaking in the Lord’s Supper in a worthy manner.

21:47: The weekly Laura Ingalls Wilder reference to being individual but communal.

24:22: JR adds color from world travels.

26:43: Honor shame vs. Western Individualism, following Christ and “My Soul My Choice.”

27:57: Generational loneliness.

30:32: Your soul will shrivel without others. Faithfully Finite t-shirt plug.

32:34: Discussing the end of the world with a 5 year old.

36:06: Has Been Hotel on Amazon

40:44: A picture of Noah’s ark as safety and protection (not s cute boat full of animals). There was still sin in their hearts.

43:35: Faith’s (our daughter) response.

45:57 Dressing up for church. “You Do You Before The Lord.”

48:08: Being financially wise before the Lord very much depends on life circumstance.

50:20: Meat stick followup. Hint: It’s a big win.

56:21: Granola Bar recipe like the ones you loved from your youth (or maybe still do)

1:02:40: Show Close

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