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Ep. 161: Christian Nationalism, Moral Failings, & Deepfakes

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Episode Summary

In this episode, JR winds up Molly talking about shoulder surgery, that naturally segues to Mahatma Gandhi and Christian Nationalism before we veer of into deep hypocrisies and moral failings in the church in America. We close the show by discussing the need for increased vigilance with the advent of AI and how we need to reorient ourselves now. As usual, there's at least one recipe.


Intro: JR’s shoulder update. ACL surgery recap, the brilliance of the human body.

7:56: Surgery during COVID, and the month of madness with sick kids.

11:47: First ever family destination ski vacation! 75mph + winds

15:22: Molly’s current homeschool studies. Children’s dustbowl era literature anyone?

16:52: Mahatma Ghandi: and meaning of “Mahatma” and the work still happens even if the worker morally failed.

19:36: “Christian Nationalism.”

23:28: Gandhi and India’s independence

25:57: A deep hypocrisy and we can honestly say the Declaration of Independence is true AND the authors were not acting in accord with their beliefs.

28:00: Complex outcomes of moral failings and assurance of salvation.

31:50: Falling into the trap of believing Christians won’t fail.

34:35: A cultural sifting of church leaders and a gossipy pastor’s wives Facebook group.

37:58: Sharing the things that are weighty when you’re strong enough to carry them.

41:07: If we obfuscate justice because we’re trying to protect ourselves, it’s a violation of scripture.

43:12: AI, deepfakes and you can’t trust anything you see anymore.

49:38: Nothing new under the sun and reorientation.

52:39: Go to the ant you sluggard! Termite architecture.

56:43: Chocolate milk recipe:  1/2c cocoa powder, 1/2c sugar, 1/2c hot water, 1/4t salt, splash of vanilla. Mix well and add to 1 gallon milk or store in the fridge as syrup. Recipe from Ruthann Zimmerman.

1:00:30: Tortilla maker!

1:01:53: Show Close

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